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Owning your own home is exciting, and ManageCasa wants to make owning a home a fun, easy experience! ManageCasa has the tools you need to record your expenses, keep track of maintenance issues and store all property related files. This short guide shows you how to: 

  • Create your homeowner account
  • Get started with the setup guide
  • What you see on the dashboard
  • Add your property
  • Add property members
  • Add contacts
  • Add maintenance tickets
  • Record expenses in the simple accounting tool
  • Add files and documents

1) Create your homeowner account:

Creating an account is very easy! When you click on the sign up button on, you will be asked which profile you want to create. The "Homeowners" account is a perfect tool for homeowners that own and live in one property and want to organize and have easy access to property documents, record maintenance items around the house, or track home improvement projects and want to record property related expenses such as mortgage, insurances, improvement expenses, etc.

Once you've chosen that you are a homeowner, the only thing left to do is complete the account registration by entering your first and last name, email and a password!


2) How to get started with the setup guide

After registration, completing your profile is quick and easy. 

  1. Add your avatar
  2. Create your home profile
  3. Add family members to the property so that you can later discuss, share and get things done together.

Adding your property:

When you create the profile for your home, you can select the type of property, start entering the address into the address fields of your location and Google address auto lookup will help you to select your correct address. You can describe how many bedrooms your house has, the amount of bathrooms and the size of your home. You will be able to upload images to your home profile as well as a short description about your home that will display to you and your family members only.

Adding and inviting new members:

Once you have created your home profile, invite and add family members to your home. You can select if you want to actually invite them or just have them created for your own visibility on your account. If you decide to invite them, they will receive an invitation to join and create an account. Once joined, they will be members of your home so that you can share and get things done together. 

3) Dashboard Introduction

If you have gone through the setup guide and followed all steps your home profile is all set up (see left upper corner your address). The activities in the timeline show you the activities that have been created by creating your home and adding family members. This list will continue to grow with all activities that you will be doing as you are managing your home on ManageCasa.

On the top you see 3 widgets that will show you status of:

  1. All open Maintenance tickets that you or your family members have created
  2. All expenses in the current month that you have recorded
  3. Any homeowner insurance that you have setup through ManageCasa (feature coming soon!)

On the right side you see 3 widgets that will show you status of:

  1. All open discussions going on between you and your family members
  2. Any upcoming events that you need to be aware off (feature coming soon!)
  3. A calendar

On the left side you see your property's address as well as a set of menu items that allow you to dive deeper into topics that are explained in more detail below.

4) How to add contacts

For homeowners, the contacts section acts as a focused list of all parties that you might need to engage with around your home. Contacts can be contractors or vendors like HOA (Home Owner Association), service providers like PG&E or internet providers, etc. When you create contractors you can immediately assign maintenance or home renovation projects to them. When you create expenses you can select payee's (vendors or contractors) that you pay. Of course, your existing family members will also show up here!

5) Adding maintenance tickets:

There is always something going on around your home. A cabinet breaks, the light switch stops working, water is dripping out of your kitchen faucet just to name a few examples. From the maintenance tab, you or a family member can create a maintenance record by documenting the issue, adding images and assigning an urgency level to the ticket. 

Simply press add request and you will be able to start. You can enter who the requester was (your or any other family member), what type of issue it is, if it's new or already existed before, describe the issue, attach any images (this is particularly convenient on mobile since you can simply attach from your photo album) and select who should be doing the repair and when.

Once you save the ticket it gets added to the overall status of all maintenance issues that are either new, in progress or resolved. This overview gives you a snapshot of all issues around your house.

6) Accounting Capabilities:

As a Homeowner you pay your mortgage every month, pay your HOA fees, and invest in your home for improvements. All these expenses can be organized with the simple accounting module on ManageCasa. You can can record all types of expenses, categorize, attach invoices and payment receipts to each transaction and manually reconcile with your bank statement. 

By doing this, you have a tool that allows you to see your yearly expenses for the house, stay within budget and make sure you never overspend.

To create a expense transaction click into 'Add Transaction', and select 'Expense'. Here you can select the payee or create one right from within the dropdown (opens a pop-up), categorize the type of expense, the due date. 

If you want to mark the expense record as paid, you simply continue filling out the rest of the information and the expense will be added to your accounting and will display in the chart on the accounting overview page. 

If you want to create an expense that repeats on a regular schedule, you can select 'recurring' and select the frequency that this expense record should be created. 

For example: If you pay a mortgage of $ 2,498.99 every 1st day of the month, you can create such expense record just once by selecting 'recurring'. You only have to reconcile that you actually made this payment so that you can track all payments through the year.

7) Adding files and documents

Every homeowner like yourself has received a mountain of purchase documents. They include mortgage house appraisals, archetecture documents, purchase documents, mortgage documents from your banks, HOA information, etc. 

With ManageCasa, these no longer pile up and get lost. Simplu drag & drop or upload them to the Files tab on your home profile and they will always be accessible to you from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

The Files tab allows you to create folders to organize your documents accordingly. Simply create folders, drag & drop files into the space and upload them to ManageCasa. You can move files from the top level into a specific folder or remove them from there. 

Within ManageCasa you can share files with your spouse or family members. Click on the settings icon to the left of each file to share it with others.

Homeowners, we hope this was helpful! We appreciate you using ManageCasa for all your property management responsibilities and needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the chat tool on the lower right corner of our website If you have any suggestions, please send us a feature request on our manage tab called 'New Feature Request' here

-The ManageCasa team

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