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You've just moved in to your sweet new apartment and we're thrilled for you for a great tenant experience! ManageCasa has all the tools you need to communicate with your landlord or property manager, manage your documents, and never pay an overdue fee on rent! This short guide will show you how to: 

  • Create your tenant account
  • Get started with the setup guide
  • Explore the dashboard
  • Add or find your property
  • Add roommates, supers, and landlords
  • Add contacts
  • Add maintenance tickets
  • Schedule and track payments 
  • Upload files and documents

NOTE: Steps 1 and 2 explain how you as a Tenant can initiate your own account on ManageCasa. Often times you might be invited by the landlord or property manager to join ManageCasa. In this case you follow the email invitation (Skip to step 3) and will join your rental this way. 

1) Create your FREE tenant account:

Creating an account is very easy! When you click on the sign up button on  www.ManageCasa.com, you will be asked which type of profile you want to create. The "Tenant" account type is the perfect tool for renters who want to easily take care of all things related to their rental apartment, including coordinating tasks with roommates, scheduling rent payments, and creating and tracking maintenance tickets with landlords and property managers when needed.

Once you've selected that you are a tenant, the only thing left to do is complete the account registration process by entering your first and last name, your email and a password!


2) Getting started with the setup guide as the "initiator"

If you are the first member of your apartment or home to create a profile, there are three easy steps to completing the setup after registration. 

  1. Add your avatar photo
  2. Create the property unit that you are renting
  3. Add your roommates to the property so that you can later discuss, share and get things done together.

Adding your property:

To create the profile for the property you are renting from, select the type of property (e.g. apartment), enter the address into the address fields of your location and Google address auto lookup will help you to select your correct address. Describe how many bedrooms your rental has, the amount of bathrooms and the size of your rental. You will be able to upload images to your rental profile as well as a short description about your rental that will be displayed to you and roommates only.

Adding and inviting roommate(s):

Once you have created your rental profile, invite and add your roommates. You have the option of inviting them or just having them created for your own visibility on your account. If you decide to invite them, they will receive an invitation email to create an account. Once joined, they will be a full member so that you can collaborate together. 

Once you have completed all 3 steps in the setup guide you will see a green bar that signifies you can enter your dashboard.

3) Getting started with ManageCasa once you have received an invitation:

In the case that you have been invited to use ManageCasa by a roommate or property manager, you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your account. Clicking on "confirm" will take you into the ManageCasa website, where you can log-in or sign-up (see step 1 in this guide on signing-up with ManageCasa). Once you join, you are automatically associated to this property based on your lease relationship.

4) Dashboard Introduction

If you have gone through the setup guide and followed all steps, your property will already be created (see left upper corner your address). The activities in your timeline show you activities that you have just created or activities created by your landlord or roommates. This will continue to grow to include all the activities happening around your residence!

On the top you see 3 widgets that will show you status of: 

  1. All open Maintenance tickets that you, your roommates, or your super/landlord have created
  2. Your rent status for the current month
  3. Any renter's insurance that you have set up through ManageCasa (feature coming soon!)

On the right side you see 3 widgets that will show you status of: 

  1. All open discussions going on between roommates or with the landlord
  2. Any upcoming events that you need to be aware off
  3. A calendar with upcoming dates to remember

On the left side you see the address as well as a set of menu items that allow you to dive deeper into the topics that are going to be explained in more detail below.

5) How to add contacts

For tenants, the contacts section will allow for easy communication amongst roommates and the landlord. With your super / landlord and roommates, you can create or check on maintenance ticket progress. If you have been added by another roommate or by your landlord, the existing tenants will automatically show up as contacts in the property you were added to. 

If you wish to add more people, like another roommate, simply press "Add Contact" in the top right corner, and add in a new contact. If you add a new roommate, indicate which property you are adding them to. Once they are added to a property, all members of the property will be able to see a new roommate has been added. 

6) Adding maintenance tickets:

Running a house requires coordination and a combined effort from all roommates. A regular trash schedule, changing a burnt out light bulb, dealing with a leaking faucet, just to name a few. Within ManageCasa's maintenance portal, a tenant can simply create a maintenance ticket by documenting the issue, adding images and assigning an urgency status to the ticket. 

Simply press add request and you will be able to start. You can enter what type of issue it is, if it's new or already existed before, describe the issue, attach any image (easily done from mobile since you can simply attach from your photo album) and select who should be doing the repair and when.

If this task should specifically be assigned to another roommate, you can add their name to the discussion for this particular maintenance ticket, and send them a short note. 

Once you save the ticket it gets added to the overall status of all maintenance issues that are either new, in progress or resolved. This overview gives you a snapshot of all issues you are involved with (whether you have assigned someone else to the ticket or someone has assigned your name to the ticket) around your house.

7) Adding files and documents

Tenants can use ManageCasa's 'Files' tab to upload and organize files and folders all in one place. If you are invited by your landlord you can view lease agreements, etc. If you haven't, you can upload your apartment contract into this tab for quick future reference, or can upload photos that are relevant for maintenance requests to show. Tenants can share these files with roommates, landlords / supers or even contractors. These files are always accessible to you from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. 

The files tab allows you to create folders to organize your documents accordingly. Simply create folders, drag & drop files into the space and upload them to ManageCasa. You can move files from the top level into a specific folder or remove it from there. 

Within ManageCasa you and your roommates, landlord, contractors, and property managers can share files with one another. To share with someone else, simply click on the settings icon to the left of each folder and file to share it with others.

Tenants, we hope this was helpful! We appreciate you using ManageCasa for all your tenant responsibilities and needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us any question to www.managecasa.com. If you have any suggestions that we should address in this document, please send to https://www.managecasa.com/manage.

-The ManageCasa team

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