As a landlord or property manager, keeping your tenants satisfied and the homes you oversee running smoothly should always be a top priority. 

But being in constant contact over personal email or phone can be distracting, annoying and a cause of stress. By using a dedicated software to interact with all of your tenants and other property management contacts, you'll stay organized and your life will feel less cluttered. 

One of the most common times your tenants will need to contact you is when a maintenance or repair issue comes up. Working together to resolve these issues ensures that they get fixed in a timely fashion and your relationship with your tenants stays strong.

The communication tools within ManageCasa, particularly the discussion feature in ManageCasa's maintenance module, makes this easy. Landlords and tenants can discuss repair work orders and maintenance issues together in real time to resolve issues, assign a contractor to do the required work, and post status updates.

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