Security deposits ensure that tenants keep a property well maintained. Wear and tear on the carpet, for example, should be expected. However, broken door hinges should not. Below is list of common items subject or not subject to deduction from security deposits:


  • Broken walls, doors, locks, windows, screens and blinds, appliances, tiles,
  • Clogged drains or toilets from misuse or negligence
  • Unapproved painting jobs
  • Beyond normal wear and tear/stains in carpets or curtains
  • Flea and pest extermination
  • Excessive mildew and mold
  • Excessively filthy bathtub, shower, sink, mirrors or toilet, stove burners
  • Excessive holes in walls

Not Deductible:

  • Picture or pin holes in walls, or dents as a result of door handles
  • Broken plumbing caused by normal use
  • Dirty or dusting blinds and curtains
  • Normal wear and tear/faded coloring in carpets or curtains
  • Furniture marks in carpet
  • Warped doors or windows due to environment
  • Broken appliances, if not from misuse
  • Replacement batteries for smoke detectors, replacement lightbulbs

If you have recorded a 'Security Deposit' in ManageCasa's lease terms and marked the receipt of this deposit in the accounting module as paid, you need to return the deposit once a tenant has moved out. If you have deductible expenses you need to subtract them from the deposit amount and return the rest.

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