Your current lease agreement likely specifies the number of people allowed to live in your apartment, and whoever is named on the agreement is legally responsible for rent and repairs. When you want someone to move in with you, always check with your landlord to ensure it is allowed and what the proper procedure is for your apartment complex. If you fail to follow the proper method of adding someone to your apartment lease, you could be in violation of your lease agreement.

  1. Talk to your landlord about adding someone to the lease agreement and get his approval before moving someone in. Realize that adding another person may exceed your apartment's occupancy limit and the landlord may be unable to allow it because of the city's ordinances on apartment occupancy.
  2. Confirm with your landlord that you want the new roommate to be a co-tenant and share the responsibilities of the lease agreement. Arrange for the prospective roommate to provide identification and information on an application so the landlord can do a standard background check.
  3. Wait for the landlord to inform you that your prospective roommate has been approved. Get information about how adding a roommate may affect the current lease agreement, such as an increase in rent or in the security deposit. If you are signing a new lease to include the new person, the landlord can alter the terms of the lease agreement and you must decide whether you are willing to sign the revised lease agreement.
  4. Set up a time for the three of you to meet and sign either a new lease agreement or a legal amendment to the lease. Review a new lease carefully to ensure that you are familiar with what remains the same and what is now different. A lease amendment must contain the landlord's name, your name and your new roommate's name and information. The lease amendment should clearly define any changes to the existing lease agreement, specifically about adding another tenant. Make sure that all three of you sign and date the lease or amendment, and get a copy for your personal record.

Once a new co-tenant has been added to the lease, ask your landlord to invite your co-tenant to the rental unit on ManageCasa

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