Repair responsibilities should be clearly outlined in the lease agreement between the tenant and landlord or property manager. Should there be any issues, ManageCasa allows the tenant or landlord to bring up repair requests or discussions about who takes responsibility. 

Generally, basic responsibilities that tenants should follow include:

  • Keep the premises "as clean and sanitary as the condition of the premises permits"
  • Operate gas, electrical and plumbing fixtures property
  • Dispose of trash in a clean and timely manner
  • Do not damage property or anything on property premises
  • Do not transform property space unless otherwise approved (i.e. changing wall color, transform one bedroom into two)
  • Notify the landlord of issues that cannot be handled by tenants (i.e. electrical system issues, lock or security devices malfunctioning)

With tickets submitted through ManageCasa, a tenant can raise the Priority Status and Type of issues, as well as share images from the situation from the convenience from their mobile phone using Landlords and Property Managers will immediately receive status emails about the issue and can discuss the issue with the tenant in real time before deciding who should take care of it.

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