Great landlords and property managers know that operational work like interacting with tenants and fixing maintenance issues is only half the battle. Keeping up with accounting and reporting is an equally important part of the job!

Luckily ManageCasa has built robust reporting functionality that covers all of the most common types of reports you will need to run to get insights into your property management business, your financial health and share the right reports with your rental owner to keep them in the loop. Regularly running reports is critical to stay up to date on property finances, occupancy rates, maintenance health and more. Our reports allow you to slice and dice just what you need to see. 

On ManageCasa, we’ve grouped our reports into three general categories: 

  1. Financial Reports
  2. Rental Reports
  3. Maintenance Reports

Financial Reports

Owner Statement:

This report shows a summary view of assets, income, expenses, liabilities, and equity transactions over a given period of time for all properties associated with a given rental owner and can be filtered by them.

Income Statement:

This report provides a summary of income and expenses over a given period of time for a property or your company and shows you earned profit or a negative profit (loss). 

Expense Report:

This report provides an overview of all expenses based on a property or a specific unit. Running this report will generate a list of all paid expense invoices excluding liabilities (like deposits, prepaid rent, pet deposits, etc…). You can also filter by expense accounts.

Balance Sheet Report:

The Balance Sheet is a core report like the Income Statement and shows you assets, liabilities and equity at a specific, fixed point in time for a property or company. It’s one of the fastest ways to assess a given property’s financial standing at any given moment in time.

General Ledger:

This report displays all of the debits and credits related to every transaction associated with a property over a given period of time.

General Journal:

This report displays all of the transactions associated with a property or your company over a given period of time, serving as a record of your double-entry bookkeeping, and you can easily reference it to see a list of all transactions in chronological order.

Property Statement:

This report provides a thorough account summary of asset, income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a specific property over a given length of time.

Cash Flow Statement: 

This report provides an overview of the cash flow for a property over a given period of time.

Vendor Ledger Statement: 

This report provides a useful summary of all bills and payments recorded to each of your vendors over a given period of time for a property. 

Rental Reports

Rent Roll Report: 

This report is particularly critical for anyone who manages multiple properties, offering an overview of your rent roll on a specific date. It is useful for determining deposits and balances held by tenants at any given moment, and to get a snapshot of all your lease start and end dates.

Lease Statement:

This report is the best way to view information about all of your leases related to a property in one central place. It includes data such as tenant name, lease start and end date, outstanding balance, and is searchable by property and rental owner.

Maintenance Reports

Maintenance Report:

This report includes an overview of all maintenance requests by property, highlighting the issue, date it was reported, unit number, and tenant who reported it.

ManageCasa allows you to run reports as you need them. To get the best report results we advise being certain that you are structuring all information correctly in the accounting module up front, so running a regular report becomes easy and fun.

When you finish running a report, you will be presented with the option of exporting it as a PDF, as an Excel File, or Saving and Sharing it directly with your Rental Owner through ManageCasa.

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