Using ManageCasa allows you to manage your properties properly! 

Enjoy our product and feel free to give us feedback, we are open to all your suggestions on how to improve ManageCasa for you!

1. Dashboard Overview (Landlord and Property Manager)

With it's widgets, graphs and charts, the dashboard will provide you with an overview of the activity within your landlord or property management business.

2. Expandable Sidebar with Properties

The expandable sidebar displays after you have created properties from either the setup guide or from the properties tab. The sidebar allows you to search for a singly property if you have a large list of properties, or to select a property or add a new property to your property list. A single unit property shows as a map with a pin, a multi-unit property shows with a red icon. 

3. Expandable Sidebar with Units

Once selected you are able to select an individual unit of a multi-unit property.

4. Timeline Activities

The timeline on the dashboard starts building with time activated activities and topic-specific icons once you have started using ManageCasa's functionalities. The timeline is not only a historic activity list but also reminds you about future tasks that need to be taken care off.

5. Occupation and Lease State Chart

Once lease terms and tenants have been added to a property unit the occupation and lease chart indicates the number of property units and their occupancy rate as the state of each lease at the current moment.

6. Maintenance Widget

A user can create a new ticket from the 'Maintenance Request' widget from the Dashboard. This can be done by a landlord or property manager, but also by a  tenant. The number displayed in the widget indicates the amount of open tickets. Closed tickets do not display.

7. Income & Expense Widget PLUS Accounting Chart

Once you begin recording rent income and property related expenses you will see all accumulated rent income and property expenses displayed by month. You also see here on the right side the accounting chart showing your expense/income trends over time with percentage increases and decreases.

8. Upcoming Events and Calendar

Once you select a due date for your maintenance tickets it will appear to the users related to the property (tenants and landlords or property managers) as a calendar entry and a note for the upcoming event. 

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