As a landlord or property manager you can associate tenants to collaborate with them on your property units. While you are adding a tenant to a property unit you can determine whether you want them to join you on ManageCasa, and what information they will have access to.

  • If you unselect the checkbox to invite your tenant, he will NOT receive the invitation email. This tenants record is then ONLY there for your own personal records, without he or she ever being involved. NOTE: You can always invite your tenant at a later time, if you decide down the road it would be useful to give him access to a tenant profile.
  • If you select to invite your tenant while you create the property (which is the default setting), he or she will receive an invitation email and can create an account that gets automatically associated to the property unit. In this case, your tenant gets his own user account to log in to get to his dashboard

1. Tenant Dashboard

Your tenant dashboard looks similar to this:

  • The association you assigned him or her to the rented rental property is listed
  • He or she can initiate a maintenance request straight from the dashboard
  • He or she sees their rent amount and when it's due
  • He or she sees timeline activities related to their open issues. For example, if a maintenance ticket is updated, resolved or discussed, they will be able to see that. Note: Information that you store on ManageCasa that is unrelated to your tenants is not viewable by them.
  • He or she can find you as their point of contact and have the ability to easily get in touch with you through the application
  • They can view and respond to ongoing discussions
  • They can view upcoming events, for example scheduled dates for a contractor visit, etc.

2. Lease State and Terms

From the Lease tab, your tenant can see the lease agreement, lease state and the current lease terms.

3. Maintenance

Your tenant has their own view of the maintenance tickets and can view the progress of their tickets in the pie chart. They can initiate a maintenance ticket from here or from the dashboard.

3.1 Creating Maintenance Tickets

Tenant can submit maintenance requests easily to you from here.

4. Files

A tenant can view, upload and share necessary lease or property related files and images. Common types of files include:

  • Passport / Drivers License ID
  • Employment confirmation documentation
  • Lease Agreement (often shared by you as the landlord/property manager for him to see as well)
  • Images from maintenance requests/ticketsĀ 
  • Property related images like floor plans or other photos of the unit

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the tenant account.

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