Have you ever wondered why amidst the seemingly endless online and mobile applications there hasn't been a simple software created to allow you as a landlord to manage your properties and engage with your tenants easily? Rest assured, ManageCasa is here.

ManageCasa is THE home and property management application for tenants, homeowners, landlords, property managers and contractors that provides the ability for you as a landlord to manage your rental properties including:

  • Onboarding tenants
  • Saving lease terms and lease agreements
  • Recording home rent income and property-related expenses
  • Collaborating directly with your tenants around each property unit 
  • Allowing them submit maintenance tickets to you
  • Assigning your service pros to issues and getting notified about upcoming events.

Take advantage of a standardized rental management application that will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Create your own ManageCasa account and add your rental properties. You can begin by inviting your tenants and trusted service pros. 

If you would like to find out more about ManageCasa's various services for homeowners and how best to get started, please read this article.

-The ManageCasa team

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