Are you a Contractor or Service Pro seeking a better way to stay in touch with your clients or property manager business affiliates? Looking for a better way to grow your small business? Rest assured, ManageCasa is here.

ManageCasa is THE home and property management application for tenants, homeowners, landlords, property managers and contractors/service pros that gives you a business account to:

  • Advertise service offerings to a highly-curated audience of homeowners, landlords and property managers¬†
  • Receive real-time maintenance and repair requests reported by your landlord and property manager partners so that you can organize and schedule service.

Take advantage of a streamlined process for get jobs assigned to you and collaborating with your clients. 

Create your own ManageCasa account and add a description of the services you offer to get started.

If you would like to find out more about ManageCasa's various services for contractors and how best to get started, please read this article.

-The ManageCasa team

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