Running a house requires coordination and a combined effort from all roommates. A regular trash schedule, changing a burnt out light bulb, dealing with a leaking faucet, are just a few of the common issues you'll certainly run into. Within ManageCasa's maintenance portal, a tenant can simply create a maintenance ticket by documenting the issue, adding images and assigning an urgency status to the ticket. 

Simply press add request and you will be able to start. You can enter what type of issue it is, if it's new or already existed before, describe the issue, attach any image (easily done from mobile since you can simply attach from your photo album) and select who should be doing the repair and when.

You can also assign tasks to other roommates by adding their name to the discussion for the particular maintenance ticket, and sending them a short note. 

Once you save the ticket it gets added to the overall queue of all maintenance issues that are either new, in progress or resolved. You can see an overview to give you a snapshot of all issues you are involved with (whether you have assigned someone else to the ticket or someone has assigned your name to the ticket) around your house.

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