Tenants can use ManageCasa's 'Files' tab to upload and organize files and folders all in one place. If you are invited by your landlord you can view lease agreements, etc. If you haven't, you can upload your apartment contract into this tab for quick future reference, or can upload photos that are relevant for maintenance requests to show. Tenants can share these files with roommates, landlords / supers or even contractors. These files are always accessible to you from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. 

The files tab allows you to create folders to organize your documents accordingly. Simply create folders, drag & drop files into the space and upload them to ManageCasa. You can move files from the top level into a specific folder or remove it from there. 

Within ManageCasa you and your roommates, landlord, contractors, and property managers can share files with one another. To share with someone else, simply click on the settings icon to the left of each folder and file to share it with others.

If you have further questions about uploading files and documents, please feel free to email help@managecasa.com

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