After you have created profiles for all of the property units you manage, inviting and adding your tenants to each of your properties will complete your initial setup. 

As you complete the account setup guide, you can select if you want to invite them or just have them created for your own visibility on your account. We absolutely recommend to inviting them since you will be able to discuss topics around the house and give them the capability to submit maintenance issue to you. If you invite them, they will receive an invitation to join and create an account so that you can share and get things done together. 

NOTE: Tenants will have an own tenant view and will never be able to see your private information.

Once you have completed all three steps in the setup guide you will see a green bar that allows you to enter your dashboard.

If you need to add a tenant at any time after you have completed the setup guide, you can do so by navigating to the Contacts Tab on the left sidebar and then clicking the Add Tenant button on the right side of the property as seen here:

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