For property managers, the contacts section offers one focused list of all parties that you usually need to engaged around your rental properties. This obviously includes your tenants, but can also be your contractors that make fixes around your properties or vendors like a HOA (Home Owner Association), service providers like PG&E, or internet providers, etc. 

When you create contractor profiles you can assign maintenance or home renovation projects to them. When you record property expenses in the accounting portal on ManageCasa you can select payee's (vendors or contractors) that you pay. 

Begin by adding your tenants and assigning them to the property they are renting:

Once you've created a contact, you can expand their profile to quickly see all of the information associated with them.

And once you have added all of your property-related contacts, you'll have an easily-accessible list that looks like this:

If you have any further questions related to the Contacts module, don't hesitate to contact us.

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