When you operate rental properties, there is always something to fix. The hassle is the coordination of issues around the house between your tenants and yourself. A cabinet breaks, the light switch doesn't work anymore, or water is dripping out of your kitchen faucet -- just to name a few examples. Within the maintenance tab on ManageCasa your tenants and you can simply create a maintenance record by documenting the issue, adding images and assigning the urgency level to the ticket. Within the maintenance ticket you and your tenants can have a discussion about the issue that is well-documented for later review if needed.

Simply press 'add request' and you will be able to begin. You can enter who the requester was (you or any tenant), what type of issue it is, if it's new or already existed before, describe the issue, attach any image (this works extremely on mobile since you can simply attach from your photo album) and schedule the repair.

Once you save the ticket it is added to the overall dashboard of all maintenance issues that are either new, in progress or resolved. This overview gives you a snap shot of all issues around your rental properties and allows you to systematically work to resolve them. 

You will see on the dashboard which property unit is causing the most issues of all your rental properties.

By clicking into any individual ticket, you can open a discussion about the issue with other stakeholders.

If you have any further questions about maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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