Managing maintenance around your rental property is simple with ManageCasa. Here we describe how to create a maintenance request that will notify your landlord or property manager that something is in need of a fix on the property. 

In a perfect world, the problem would be reported and then solved, no questions asked.

But in reality, fixing issues around the house often require collaboration over multiple days or even weeks. Collaborating over email and phone can get confusing, so we've integrated a simple discussion platform into our application to make communicating easier and in one place.

First navigate to the Maintenance Tab on the left side of your account portal. From there, click on the open maintenance ticket you would like to discuss.

From there, scroll down to reach the most recent message in the discussion. You can add your message to the text box below, and even upload files or images if it makes sense. Just click send and everyone involved in the discussion will be notified.

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