For many Property Managers who are working directly for the owner of a rental property, it is useful or even necessary to share certain information with the rental owner from time to time.

This could include access to reports, files, tenant information and more.

On ManageCasa, it's easy to invite the owner of the property to collaborate with you on the platform. But what will they actually have access to?

Good question. Here we offer a brief overview of the rental owner's dashboard and privileges:

When you invite a rental owner, they will be associated with the properties you assign them. They will have complete access to the dashboard for those properties, with their own customized dashboard view as seen below. 

Property Management is often a collaborative effort and there are invariably times when you'll want to quickly and easily reach your rental owner directly to discuss issues that arise. By giving your rental owner their own portal with discussion capabilities, you'll be able to collaborate together without ever losing track of your conversations.

Of course, there are other times when you'll want to just work directly with tenants, without bothering the rental owner, which is why some functions are view-only for rental owners. 

For instance, they will only be able to contribute to your discussions with tenants if you specifically add them to the conversation like so:

Rental Owners are also likely to want to see Reports to sporadically review the financial health of their properties. It will be your job as a property manager to maintain up-to-date accounting and run the reports that your rental owner requests.

Perhaps the most important of these reports is the Owner Statement. Each month, you should provide the rental owner with this statement, which gives them a detailed account of their property or properties' financials. These statements include rent and/or utilities paid in by the tenants contrasted against service or maintenance payouts. They include details about which companies were paid for what, management service fees, and how much money is left in their accounts for the property.

You can create Owner Statements automatically from your Reports tab by selecting the rental owner in question, the particular property or group of properties, and the date range.

The final version of the report will show to the rental owner as such:

If you have any further questions about the role of Rental Owners on ManageCasa, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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