Lease agreements are at the very core of the relationship between landlords and tenants, providing the legally binding documentation for the relationship. 

Lease agreements define dates, rent or deposit owed, and other regulations specified to tenant and the rental owner. They provide a general rule book for the rental arrangement.

Landlords and Property Managers using ManageCasa can create and save leases and then invite their tenants to complete and sign the agreements. The information stipulated in the agreement will then be auto-populated in other areas of the platform, including accounting and contacts.

Here's a brief walkthrough of how to do it:

First, navigate to the Manage Tab in the left sidebar where you'll be prompted to add tenants and create a lease agreement.

From here, you can either upload and store an existing lease agreement or create a new lease agreement. If you've already added your properties and tenants, the process will be very straightforward and you can simply select them from the dropdown menus. 

You can add Terms of Tenancy and Rent Payment details, which will automatically update in your accounting module.

Once you save the lease, it will be associated with this particular tenant and property. The tenant will be able to view the lease in the Leases tab on their profile. (More about what your tenant can see on ManageCasa is here.)

You can then see a detailed view of the agreement and make edits when necessary.

If you manage a large number of properties, you can always see an overview of all of your lease agreements in the manage tab.

Lease Agreement can have an active, pending or expired state. This is visible in the lease agreement overview page and also on your dashboard.

Centralizing all of your lease agreements to one convenient place should save you significant time and hassle.

If you have any further questions about lease agreements, don't hesitate to contact us.

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