Anyone who has ever owned a home knows that after the initial incredible feeling that comes with making such a monumental purchase comes......... a lot of paperwork.

Homeowners now have an easier way of keeping track of all of their files and documents on ManageCasa.

ManageCasa's file and document storage tool is a dropbox-like solution that will take the hassle out of document management, and keep you organized. 

You can read more here about how to use the Files module.

But which files should you be uploading in the first place?

You should upload any documents that you want stored for easy digital access and organizational purposes.

This includes all private files related to the property. These might include:

  • Real Estate Transfer documents like the deed, the bill of sale, the affidavit of title and transfer tax declarations.
  • Home Loan documents like the note, the mortgage, the loan application and the loan estimate and closing disclosure.
  • Real Estate Title declarations like the title insurance commitment.
  • Insurance documents which provide a record and proof of insurance.

Many of these documents are critical come tax season and ALL of them are essential if you ever want to sell the property. Storing and organizing these files on your ManageCasa profile ensures that you will always have quick and easy access to them.

If you have any further questions about storing files and documents on ManageCasa, don't hesitate to contact us.

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