This article applies to you if you have recorded deposits and need to refund them now. If you need to enter a deposit first, refer to these articles:

refundable deposits and

non-refundable deposits.

Note: If you don’t know if you have recorded a refundable deposit or deposits but would like to refund you can easy look it up following the steps here:

Refund previously recorded deposit(s): 

  • Go to the ‘Accounting’ Tab and click the  ‘Add’ dropdown and select add ‘Refund’. 

Look up any previously recorded deposit by entering:

  1. Payee Name, 
  2. Property Name, and 
  3. Lease Agreement.

If no result is found you likely have not entered a deposit previously. If your selection finds recorded deposits it looks as the following:

Image <show a page with deposit looked up>

From here you can either 

  1. Refund deposit in full  OR
  2. Refund deposit partially.

Once a deposit has been recorded you can mark it as ‘paid’ once you initiated payment.

Your General Ledger will show your liability being paid out then.


  • Refunding your refundable deposits will remove the liability from your liability account. 
  • Some areas have specific laws regarding the handling of deposits. If this is the case for you, please consult your accountant to ensure compliance.

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