When you record financial transactions in ManageCasa, you categorize them using your Chart of Accounts. When you record an income, an expense or deposit, you will select at least one account. Depending on what account type you created it is either booked as a credit or a debit transaction. ManageCasa will apply each recorded transaction towards the accounts that you have selected and will later show those numbers in the right place in your financial reports. 

ManageCasa has a default list of accounts specialized for property management. You can get started with this list and add, edit and remove accounts at any time. 

Within ManageCasa’s Chart of Accounts you can add, edit and remove accounts at any time. You can have one single account (for example utility) or track transactions by several accounts (electricity, gas, water).

Adding a new account:

  1. Go to Accounting
  2. Click onto Chart of Accounts Tab
  3. Select ‘Add additional account’ on the bottom
  4. Name the account (for example utility)
  5. Optional: Add a sub-account (electricity)
  6. Choose the account type
  7. Add a description to the account

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