This article shows you how you can provide reports to your rental owners by saving them in files and and improve collaboration by sharing them from your ManageCasa Reports Module.

As a Property Manager, you handle much of the accounting load for each of your Rental Owners. 

Each owner is different: some will be hands off, placing complete trust in you to keep their property financials in order, while others will want to know every detail of each transaction that occurs.

Regardless of which type of owner you’re working with, being able to quickly create, customize and share financial reports will come in handy. ManageCasa offers a suite of useful reporting templates so that you can run various types of reports including Owner Statements, Income Statements, Property Statements and more.

Once you have created any of these reports within ManageCasa in real time, you have a few options for sharing, all of which are accessible by clicking the “Export and Share” button on the top right corner of the generated report.

  1. You can export the report as a PDF, if you would like to download it on your computer for safekeeping or to email to your rental owner at a later date.
  2. You can export the report as an Excel file, if you would like to perhaps make manual changes to the report and then share with your rental owner at a later date.


3. You can save and share the report directly through ManageCasa. 

Now we will explain how to utilize ManageCasa to archive, share and discuss files with your rental owners or other members on the platform.

When you click ‘Save and share’ it will:

  1. Open a modal 
  2. You can enter a unique name for the file that saves the real-time report into a report that you can have archived for later use
  3. You can share now or later the report with members of your team, your rental owner or your CPA. 
  4. If you decide to share you expand the pop-up and look up the user to share with him on ManageCasa. 

Note: To be able to share you, the person you want to share needs to be a registered user with you on ManageCasa.

5. You can also share a message with the user, since he gets notified with an email and can communicate with you about the report from within the file details page.

Note: ManageCasa is not only an accounting and reporting application but with the file storage, share and discussion capabilities, you can easily archive all reports for later use


Share and discuss from within the application where you can find your communication where it belongs to. 

Please review the articles about the individual reports to understand the full functionality of each. If you have any questions about Accounting & Reports on ManageCasa, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by emailing

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