The Balance Sheet, sometimes referred to as the Statement of Financial Position, is one of the core reports offered by ManageCasa, showing assets, liabilities and equity at a specific, fixed point in time for a property. 

This report is one of the fastest way to assess a given property’s financial standing at any given moment in time.

Creating an Balance Sheet on ManageCasa is easy:

  1. Navigate to the Reports Module
  2. Click on the Balance Sheet icon
  3. Input the Rental Owner and Property for which you would like to run the report
  4. Select the “As Of Date”: the day for which you would like to check the property’s financial health.
  5. Select either Cash or Accrual depending on which Accounting type you are following.
  6. Click the Run Report Button

Your report will be generated, and you will be presented with the option of exporting it as a PDF, as an Excel File, or Saving and Sharing it directly with your Rental Owner through ManageCasa.


  • Assets = Equity + Liabilities. This is accounting 101.
  • Retained earnings, which represent earnings that are carried over from previous periods and never distributed to rental owners, may appear on the balance sheet.
  • The retained earnings are equal to the sum of all income minus the sum of all expenses plus or minus any adjustments to the retained earnings equity account.

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