The Property Statement is one of the core reports offered by ManageCasa, providing a thorough account summary of asset, income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a specific property over a given length of time.

Running a Property Statement is a great way to track cash flow of individual properties under management, report on liabilities held, determine income and expenses on a property-by-property level, and determine the correct amount to pay out to each of your rental owners.

Creating an Property Statement on ManageCasa is easy:

  1. Navigate to the Reports Module
  2. Click on the Property Statement icon
  3. Input the Rental Owner and Property for which you would like to run the report
  4. Select the period for which you would like to run the report, or enter a custom date range
  5. Click the Run Report button

Your report will be generated, and you will be presented with the option of exporting it as a PDF, as an Excel File, or Saving and Sharing it directly with your Rental Owner through ManageCasa.

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