The Rent Roll is a critical report for anyone who manages multiple properties, offering an overview of your rent roll on a specific date. Creating this report on ManageCasa provides you with a detailed look at all tenants who have an active lease with each of your properties. You can see the tenant’s name, deposits held, market rent and if any balance is owed. The report can also be filtered and searched by property owner and property.

Rent Roll is useful for determining deposits and balances held by tenants at any given moment, and to get a snapshot of all your lease start and end dates. If you ever need to know your financial status (amount of money owed or due) to any of your individual tenants, create a Rent Roll Report.

Creating an Rent Roll Report on ManageCasa is easy:

  1. Navigate to the Reports Module
  2. Click on the Rent Roll icon
  3. Input the Rental Owner and/or Property for which you would like to run the report, or select “All Properties”
  4. Select the date for which you would like to run the report
  5. Select the lease type from the dropdown
  6. Filter units by either Occupied, Vacant or Both
  7. Click the Run Report Button

Your report will be generated, and you will be presented with the option of exporting it as a PDF, as an Excel File, or Saving and Sharing it directly with your Rental Owner through ManageCasa.

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