ManageCasa Payments is a modern way that allows landlords and property managers to automate the collection of rent, fees, and other invoices, make bill payments, and cut processing time by 75%, providing an end-to-end automated experience for the financial side of their business.

The payments functionality within ManageCasa allows tenants to pay rent online, and for landlords and property managers to pay their vendors and service pros directly through the application. Users can upload and securely store a credit or debit card on file, or link their bank accounts to make ACH transfers. All financial data is encrypted and securely stored.

This drastically reduces the likelihood of late rent payments, and automates bookkeeping since ManageCasa Payments is fully integrated with your full double entry bookkeeping system.

With ManageCasa Payments you can automatically transfer funds from residents’ bank accounts to yours. You’ll reduce the amount of time you spend on bookkeeping due to the seamless integration with ManageCasa’s property & company accounting. Help tenants and association owners to stay on track and avoid late fees. 

To receive funds you need to first verify your company account, please read here.

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