To be able to receive funds, ManageCasa will need to verify your account credentials with the banking system and will ask you questions to check that your credentials are legitimate. 

To get started, navigate to Account Settings → Company Settings. The system will guide you through the process for entering the required information, which typically includes:

  • Your individual status with information like your SSN, address, birthdate, bank account information, etc
  • Your company status with information like your EIN, business address, ownership of entity, bank account, etc

The required information varies depending on your type of business entity. For more information on why we have to collect this information, please read here.

Once your status is validated as successful, your account status will change to verified. 

If your verification is not immediately completed the system will prompt you to provide missing information to complete the process. 

Note: During the verification process you’ll see a field that asks for a URL or business description. If you are an entity that doesn’t have a URL, please simply provide a description about your company entity for verification purposes.

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